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label_outlineTitle: Njanappana
descriptionDescription: Jnanappana is a devotional poem written by the 16th century Malayalam poet Poonthanam


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NgramPosition on pageFrequency on pageFrequency on base
for all time even though16112
opened for all devotees for15711
malayalam literature written simple malayalam3211
draws out the cosmic acts11711
kripa koodaathe peedippicheedunna nripan chathu19111
work bhakti literature from kerala4511
all vedas and upanishads todays18511
out the cosmic acts krishna11811
the encyclopedia life the light17511
guruvayoorappan jnanappana consists lines verse9511
king who mercilessly persecutes kripa21811
all time even though the16211
used this sad experience build14611
yasni harrysh bal good adds24411
poonthanams deep bhakti guruvayoorappan jnanappana9211
deals with the essence all18111
cosmic acts krishna through the12011
wisdom encyclopedia life the light811
thy divine play intact king21411
the song divine wisdom the17111
yogavishesham used this sad experience14511
devotees for all time even16011
can considered the bhagavad gita5911
and opened for all devotees15611
poonthanam draws out the cosmic11611
gita malayalees this darshanika kavyam6311
bhagavad gita malayalees this darshanika6211
birth worm krimi fly reborn22811
with the essence all vedas18211
krimiyaai pirakkunnu eacha chathoru poochayayeedunnu19611
citizens takes birth worm krimi22611
transformed his unbearable sorrow from13511
simple phrases its philosophical strength8511
from kerala and revered for4811
krimi fly reborn cat all23011
soudham house devotion and opened15311
bhakti literature from kerala and4611
opus and important work bhakti4211
gallery contact the song divine311
philosophical strength and reflects poonthanams8811
enlightenment deals with the essence18011
which poonthanam draws out the11511
all devotees for all time15911
important work malayalam literature written3011
upanishads todays quotes kripa koodaathe18811
njanappana the song divine wisdom17011
intact king who mercilessly persecutes21711
thy divine play copyright njanappanacom23711
all these construed thy divine23411
kerala and revered for its4911
the jnanappana was poonthanams magnum3711
prayer guruvayoorappan considered important work2711
takes birth worm krimi fly22711
bhakti guruvayoorappan jnanappana consists lines9411
the cosmic acts krishna through11911
devotional poem written the century1511
and important work bhakti literature4311
written simple malayalam the jnanappana3411
for all devotees for all15811
sad experience build his bhakthi14811
verse written the pana metre9911
good adds gods kite web24711
the language very simple njanappana16611
very simple njanappana the song16811
koodaathe peedippicheedunna nripan chathu krimiyaai19211
quotes kripa koodaathe peedippicheedunna nripan19011
this sad experience build his14711
holiness poonthanam nambudiri ardent devotee12811
jnanappana devotional poem written the1411
literary quality the use simple8111
for its literary quality the7911
divine play copyright njanappanacom punnya23811
quality the use simple phrases8211
considered important work malayalam literature2911
acts krishna through the web12111
light enlightenment deals with the17911
torturing ruler passes away born20411
nripan chathu krimiyaai pirakkunnu eacha19411
consists lines verse written the9711
jnanappana consists lines verse written9611
away born vermicular fly dies20711
reflects poonthanams deep bhakti guruvayoorappan9111
peedippicheedunna nripan chathu krimiyaai pirakkunnu19311
born vermicular fly dies born20811
work malayalam literature written simple3111
guruvayoorappan considered important work malayalam2811
metre malayalam poetry the jnanappana10311
malayalam poet poonthanam this poem2011
his unbearable sorrow from his13611
merciless torturing ruler passes away20311
magnum opus and important work4111
life the light enlightenment deals17711
fly reborn cat all these23111
phrases its philosophical strength and8611
peedippicheedunna his citizens takes birth22411
simple njanappana the song divine16911
for its use opposing images10911
infant sons death into yogavishesham14111
todays quotes kripa koodaathe peedippicheedunna18911
these construed thy divine play23511
fly dies born cat thy21011
divine wisdom the encyclopedia life17311
malayalam poetry the jnanappana noted10411
ordinary people the jnanappana noted7411
dies born cat thy divine21111
jnanappana noted for its use10711
persecutes kripa koodaathe peedippicheedunna his22111
mercilessly persecutes kripa koodaathe peedippicheedunna22011
the essence all vedas and18312
adds gods kite web designed24811
karma his holiness poonthanam nambudiri12611
his bhakthi soudham house devotion15111
copyright njanappanacom punnya bhumi yasni24011
intensity devotionjnanappana can considered the5711
ardent devotee shri guruvayurappan transformed13111
written the century malayalam poet1711
time even though the language16311
divine play intact king who21511
literature from kerala and revered4711
krishna through the web karma12211
encyclopedia life the light enlightenment9 17621
eacha chathoru poochayayeedunnu easwarante vilaasangalingane19811
the century malayalam poet poonthanam1811
divine wisdom encyclopedia life the711
jnanappana was poonthanams magnum opus3811
devotion and opened for all15511
poetic merit and intensity devotionjnanappana5411
the light enlightenment deals with17811
century malayalam poet poonthanam this1911
literature written simple malayalam the3311
cat thy divine play intact21311
passes away born vermicular fly20611
its philosophical strength and reflects8711
and reflects poonthanams deep bhakti9011
expressed simple malayalam for ordinary7011
malayalam the jnanappana was poonthanams3611
unbearable sorrow from his infant13711
vermicular fly dies born cat20911
malayalees this darshanika kavyam philosophical6411
poochayayeedunnu easwarante vilaasangalingane merciless torturing20011
its use opposing images through11011
njanappana jnanappana welcome jnanappana poonthanam25411
poonthanam this poem written devotional2211
simple malayalam the jnanappana was3511
the bhagavad gita malayalees this6111
pirakkunnu eacha chathoru poochayayeedunnu easwarante19711
the use simple phrases its8311
its poetic merit and intensity5311
life the light enlightenment jnanappana1011
and revered for its poetic5011
light enlightenment jnanappana devotional poem1211
written the pana metre malayalam10011
devotional prayer guruvayoorappan considered important2611
song divine wisdom encyclopedia life611
its literary quality the use8011
who mercilessly persecutes kripa koodaathe21911
images through which poonthanam draws11311
punnya bhumi yasni harrysh bal24211
worm krimi fly reborn cat22911
important work bhakti literature from4411
the web karma his holiness12411
vilaasangalingane merciless torturing ruler passes20211
devotee shri guruvayurappan transformed his13211
simple malayalam for ordinary people7111
poonthanams magnum opus and important4011
cat all these construed thy23311
build his bhakthi soudham house15011
essence all vedas and upanishads18411
jnanappana welcome jnanappana poonthanam poonthanam25511
the song divine wisdom encyclopedia511
bhakthi soudham house devotion and15211
chathoru poochayayeedunnu easwarante vilaasangalingane merciless19911
his infant sons death into14011
gods kite web designed hostonnet24911
hostonnet njanappana jnanappana welcome jnanappana25311
merit and intensity devotionjnanappana can5511
use opposing images through which11111
easwarante vilaasangalingane merciless torturing ruler20111
and intensity devotionjnanappana can considered5611
through the web karma his12311
home quotes gallery contact the111
chathu krimiyaai pirakkunnu eacha chathoru19511
contact the song divine wisdom411
poetry the jnanappana noted for10511
guruvayurappan transformed his unbearable sorrow13411
was poonthanams magnum opus and3911
revered for its poetic merit5111
experience build his bhakthi soudham14911
vedas and upanishads todays quotes18611
njanappanacom punnya bhumi yasni harrysh24111
through which poonthanam draws out11411
this darshanika kavyam philosophical poem6511
for ordinary people the jnanappana7311
malayalam for ordinary people the7211
jnanappana noted for its literary7711
poem written the century malayalam1611
for its poetic merit and5211
kripa koodaathe peedippicheedunna his citizens22211
use simple phrases its philosophical8411
the jnanappana noted for its76 10621
born cat thy divine play21211
language very simple njanappana the16711
song divine wisdom the encyclopedia17211
his citizens takes birth worm22511
lines verse written the pana9811
poem written devotional prayer guruvayoorappan2411
the light enlightenment jnanappana devotional1111
kavyam philosophical poem expressed simple6711
web designed hostonnet njanappana jnanappana25111
written devotional prayer guruvayoorappan considered2511
web karma his holiness poonthanam12511
philosophical poem expressed simple malayalam6811
enlightenment jnanappana devotional poem written1311
poet poonthanam this poem written2111
noted for its use opposing10811
wisdom the encyclopedia life the17411
kite web designed hostonnet njanappana25011
devotionjnanappana can considered the bhagavad5811
opposing images through which poonthanam11211
construed thy divine play copyright23611
into yogavishesham used this sad14411
quotes gallery contact the song211
deep bhakti guruvayoorappan jnanappana consists9311
designed hostonnet njanappana jnanappana welcome25211
harrysh bal good adds gods24511
koodaathe peedippicheedunna his citizens takes22311
sons death into yogavishesham used14211
ruler passes away born vermicular20511
his holiness poonthanam nambudiri ardent12711
reborn cat all these construed23211
from his infant sons death13911
bhumi yasni harrysh bal good24311
noted for its literary quality7811
bal good adds gods kite24611
and upanishads todays quotes kripa18711
the pana metre malayalam poetry10111
even though the language very16411
considered the bhagavad gita malayalees6011
pana metre malayalam poetry the10211
house devotion and opened for15411
though the language very simple16511
poonthanam nambudiri ardent devotee shri12911
play intact king who mercilessly21611
sorrow from his infant sons13811
shri guruvayurappan transformed his unbearable13311
nambudiri ardent devotee shri guruvayurappan13011
death into yogavishesham used this14311
darshanika kavyam philosophical poem expressed6611
strength and reflects poonthanams deep8911
people the jnanappana noted for7511
play copyright njanappanacom punnya bhumi23911
this poem written devotional prayer2311
poem expressed simple malayalam for6911

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